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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine Optimization (SEO) Campaigns: BNE Group will customize a geo-targeted campaign for your website including: content editing; effective keyword and link research; relevant keyword phrasing; total site optimization and structure; amend technical errors; modify Title Tags, Meta Tags, Header Tags, Alt Tags and other code picturechanges; edit/write site content; community postings, maintenance, analysis and reporting of Monthly Rankings and Monthly Site Traffic.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Search engine marketing (a.k.a. pay-per-click advertising) is one of the best ways to drive immediate results through online marketing campaigns. It allows clients to allot a specific monthly marketing budget for their online ads that are geo-targeted, continually monitored and highly optimized. BNE Group takes into account the differences in culture and business practices from region to region to maximize performance. Ranging from small-to-medium business campaigns to targeting technology executives, our team is prepared to handle the needs of your SEM campaign. We are also capable of managing an E-Commerce campaign and we know exactly how to target campaigns for the highest possible conversions.

Social Mediapicture

BNE Group offers Social Media. This service is one of the fastest growing online marketing initiatives. The goal of a Social Media campaign is to create a fusion between PR, networking, advertising, and customer interaction. A properly managed social media effort will substantially improve SEO and online reputation management. Some of the proposed sites that Social Media is implemented are Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and You Tube.


BNE Groups objective for retargeting is to leverage current online marketing initiatives and traffic to achieve designated conversion goals. The retargeting strategy includes creative design for banners and landing pages. This feature allows you to follow your customers throughout the web. All it takes is for them to visit your website once. From here while the consumer is surfing the web your ads will appear on the various sites such as news, blogs, information, entertainment and others.


Social Media
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BNE Group is a highly recognized "boutique" marketing agency headquartered in Miami Florida. We represent clients of all sizes in their marketing efforts ranging from public relations, media placement, marketing partnerships, interactive services, special events and social media.

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